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MAMA has no more concerts scheduled in 2015, but we  want you to know of two concerts coming up in the next few weeks that MAMA enthusiastically endorses.

First, LOREN AND MARK  (formerly known as the International Guitar Duo) is returning to Otherlands on Friday, March 23, at 8 pm.   $12.    Loren and Mark have played for us three times in recent years, always to huge acclaim from our audiences.   

Otherlands Coffee Bar   641  S. Cooper
Friday, March 23, at 8 pm.    $12   

 Loren Barrigar and Mark Mazengarb share a unique musical chemistry. Their varied repertoire of original and arranged music consists of stunning guitar duets and beautiful vocal harmonies, giving them a wide appeal. Influenced by Jazz, Bluegrass, Western and Popular music; their guitar style is largely built upon the thumb-picking techniques pioneered by guitar greats Merle Travis, Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed.

The Duo has toured extensively in the USA and in Europe, and they have a rapidly growing fan base. Loren and Mark’s live performances feature not only their spectacular technical grasp of the guitar, but also their outstanding musicality and ability to be spontaneously creative. The interaction between the two musicians is as much a feature of their shows as is their world-class guitar playing. This is guitar playing like you’ve never seen!    

“They create a brilliant stereo sound of two fine guitarists... pretty amazing” - Lloyd Maines, multiple Grammy award winning producer

“Fresh and exciting… these guys ROCK! ” – Tommy Emmanuel

And that's not all!!!  

Nancy Chase is sponsoring an amazing house concert next week. 

Chez Chase
Frankie Gavin
Tommy McCarthy and Louise Costello
Wednesday Evening
October 14, 2015
6 pm- light supper (you have to eat somewhere!)
450 River View Road
Memphis, TN 38120

RSVP: ChaseNan@AOL.com, or office phone (901) 287-4150
Suggested artist donation for entry:  $20 at  door
Or send a  $15 check to Nancy Chase at the venue address, postmarked by Oct 9

Space is limited  so RSVP now! 

Frankie Gavin has been playing fiddle & flute most of his life, and at the age of seventeen, he won two All-Ireland competitions – for fiddle and flute. Originally influenced by some of the great Irish and American-Irish fiddle players, he later found himself playing with stars such as The Rolling Stones, Stephane Grappelli, Elvis Costello, Earl Scruggs & Yehudi Menuhin as well as with some of the great contemporary players & singers of traditional Irish music. All have left their mark on his eclectic approach to music.

The name Frankie Gavin is also synonymous with De Dannan the globally renowned band he founded in the mid-1970s.

Gavin has played for four American presidents, starting at the age of 7 for John F. Kennedy and subsequently for Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama.

The Guinness Book of Records lists Frankie Gavin as the world’s fastest fiddle player. On 20 September 2010, he played “The Foxhunter’s Reel” at a breath-taking 150 beats per minute!


Tommy McCarthy & Louise Costello come from families steeped in traditional Irish music.
Tommy  (fiddle) was born in London to Irish parents who had emigrated from the west of Ireland in the early 1950s  He grew up listening to traditional music & playing with all of the legendary Irish players  in London. With his family (his father was a well-known piper and concertina player), he performed throughout Ireland & the U.K. - including The Royal Albert Hall, London.
Louise (banjo) was part of Galway’s vibrant session scene for years and has played with many notable musicians, including the Chieftains.   In late 2014 Tommy & Louise began working with St. Patrick's Mental Health Foundation on their Walk In My Shoes Campaign which helps to raise funds for vulnerable young adults in need of mental health services in Ireland. Tommy created the Trad Tune Challenge, hoping to raise funds for the  foundation .  He kicked the idea off with his own video challenge to good friend Sharon Shannon, who in turn challenged Joannie Madden & Nathan Carter. Within 24 hours, the challenge had reached 200,000 views! It exploded with challenges from young to seasoned musicians all over the world, joining together for this one great cause.
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